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My name is Kieran, and I have a problem..

June 22, 2009

I’m a Liberal Democrat. Now I’ve been one for a while, but I’m concerned its taking over my life. I seem to have two options, try and get some sort of a cream for it or to go back to the pub and argue policy minutiae over beer. It’ll almost certainly be the latter. I must confess that I’m lucky in that my girlfriend rather than complaining about my time going away has decided to be proud of me, its strange.

I have until now however failed to be a Lib Dem blogger. I got keen briefly before Scottish conference, and then rather forgot to be keen. However Stephen got on the case of my failure to blog. Seeing as he has succeeded in forcing Ruaraidh and Callum into blooging once again I’m informed that if I fail to blog once more I will be considered a failure.

I suppose I’m meant to talk about lib dem stuff here. Well, I’m gonna do you one better and talk about both lib dem stuff and Liberal Youth Scotland stuff also.

Ruaraidh has already posted about the Scott Rennie protest in Edinburgh, but I thought I’d note town a few personal recollections about it. It all started in a very strange manner when whilst webbing about I came across a news article talking about how the Westboro Baptist Church were planning on picketing in Edinburgh, at the debate over the seating of Scott Rennie. I seem to remember getting rather self righteous, first on the phone and then at the pub with Ruaraidh, in fact I’m almost certain I slammed my hand on the table at least once, it was very dramatic. Needless to say I informed Ruaraidh promptly that we would be counter protesting, and that he ought to do something about it (as he is President and all official). A facebook group went up, and over five days grew rather large. And then lots of people turned up, and fun was had.

The moment I really remember was I think when we arrive on the mound realised that people were actually coming. We unloaded the placards we had prepared, and left most of them bundled together, expecting not to need them immediately. Ten minutes later I had to tell people that we had run out. Over the course of the evening, both at the protest and the pub, we started to hear from those at home the results, we were shown on (UK) national news on at least two different channels, Scott Rennie won the vote and we generally felt rather good about ourselves. It all goes to show that all you need is people who believe in a cause and people who have cable ties.

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  1. June 22, 2009 15:12

    I don’t force I merely gently persuade.

    Although I’m intriqued as to what blooging is. Is this some form of writing for t’internet while in the smallest room of the house?

    Or is it typing whilst toboganning adding an element of Dangerous Sports to the proceedings.

    However, after 21 years I have yet to find an effective cream for your predicament I’d stick to the pints. 😉

  2. June 22, 2009 18:15

    Perhaps you shouldn’t argue the minutia so much as the important stuff. When you look at the amount of effort that goes into seeing how many times you can get the word “sustainable” into a policy document while nobody in the party cares in the slightest about even thinking about things like genocide it shows how pathetic it is.

  3. James Finnie permalink
    August 30, 2009 13:08

    I saw all you lot outside New College and really thought you had missed the point. Mr Dobson justified the whole thing on the basis of that this minister was being picked on “just because he’s gay”.

    This wasn’t some workplace equality issue or some social inclusion drama – this was a theological issue and an issue not for half baked nit wits like you and Ruh to enter into unless you had some genuine insight other than your shallow overview.

    You were protesting in response to people who were in turn protesting because of profoundly held religious convictions. You only reinforced the stereotype of Liberal Democrats- trying so hard to be right on that you often get it so wrong. You were out of step with the Church of Scotland and out of step with the people of Scotland. Scott Rennie is a selfish man determined to have his cake and eat it and if that means schism so be it. He should have made choices- celibacy or resignation. To live with a female partner unmarried in the manse would be wrong and unacceptable and so to do so with his male partner equally so.

    I would not expect you or LYS to get this point.

  4. August 30, 2009 18:25

    I believe James that on the final vote to uphold the calling of Rev Rennie to Queen’s Cross were not out of step with the Church of Scotland, on the issue of the day.

    On a side issue it would appear that from your comments that you may a member of the Church of Soctland. Therefore you own comments actually break the rather cowardly moritorium called by the General Assembly over the debate on human sexuality, which puts you not only at odds with your own Kirk but also in breach of a decision made by the Assembly.

    Before you ask, I have for over twenty years of dealing with my own sexuality, from the background of a Presbytrian upbringing. So while I agree with you that is is a theological issue it is also one that is shallow based on most of the arguements made against it.

    I however accept you may not get that point yet, because it took me a while to.

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