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The wisdom of Josh Lyman

June 24, 2009

I was reading my good friend Callum‘s blog tonight and was reminded of a thought I had earlier today. I’ll quote Callum here for context (allthough this is not the entirety of the post, and you should click through to him nonetheless).

“Story number 2, the BNP.

Not much to say on this really. Black people aren’t allowed to join the party, but Nick Griffin thinks that’s perfectly legal. A*se. Of course it’s illegal, you tosser. His argument for them being excempt is essentially that the BNP are a pressure group on behalf of “the white minority”, not exactly the “don’t mention the racism” strategy employed in the run up to June the 4th.”

Now I noticed this story in the news today, and I instinctively agree with Callum’s viewpoint I must confess. There is however a part of me which wonders whether this will only allow the BNP to tell everyone how repressed they are by the ‘establishment’. Now I understand that there is an issue here of the BNP breaching electoral law. I can see how there is a clear avenue for legal action, and I will state again that my instinct is to smile at the idea, however I am reminded of Josh Lyman in the West Wing. In the episode ‘And its surely to their credit’, having been hit in a shooting aimed at another character by a white supremacist group Josh decides to refuse to agree to enter into a lawsuit against said group.

I don’t by any means think this is the same situation here, and that this is not strictly a lawsuit, but in the back of mind I can hear Josh Lyman saying:

“but mostly I just, I just think a lawsuit is… too small.”

We must fight the BNP tooth and nail, we must seek to reduce their vote share to zero. I’ll confess that I still suspect that I’d grin ear to ear if this went had a detrimental effect on the BNP, but would it really do any good in the long run? And is it too small?

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  1. June 24, 2009 06:49

    Cool I get an automatically generated related post.

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