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End of conference post

March 16, 2009

I’m afraid I completely failed to post between Friday and now, for a few reasons. Lots of things to do, nowhere to plug in a laptop and windows mobile IE refusing to let me into wordpress among them.

Conference went smashingly, both LYS motions passed, blood ban with both amendments. Having only vaguely heard about reference backs previously and not experienced one I suspect the look on my face at about 10.20 this morning was priceless, thank god the bbc didn’t catch it!

The LYS quiz also went pretty well, though I am assured by many people that I will be writing an easier quiz last year. If I fail to I may have ‘schadenfreude through quizmastering bad’ tattoo  across my forehead against my will 🙂

The improv debate, hosted by the always wonderful Katy Gordon at the quiz was wonderful fun, who’d have thought ranting drunken lib dems would work as entertainment? My thanks go out to Katy along with our main hosts for the evening Alistair Carmichael and Hugh O’Donnell.

Oh, and before I forget, the beeb seems able to mispell my name in more than one way whilst covering the same debate 🙂 Truly my name is mysterious and challenging.


Needless semi-live blogging

March 13, 2009

First of all, I’d just like the world to know how wonderful Robert Brown is, having recently passed me a bottle of whisky and a book that he kindly had our msps at Holyrood sign, wonderful prizes for tonight!

If anyone was in any doubt, Menzies Campbell is a wonderful speaker on the topic of International Affairs, it seems it would be hard to make any more sense. 

George Lyon and Graham Watson both spoke well on the topic of Europe and it was fascinating hearing Graham talk about his work in Europe, and the lack of any work from the other parties in the same. Constructive work anyhow. George got the crowd all jazzed up for the upcoming Euro elections, which are as I understand it 2000 hours away (12 weeks), and I suspect a lot of us in LYS will find ourselves extremely busy as zero hour nears.

Elspeth Atwool was given a standing ovation at the end of the Europe event, as she so richly deserves, and I think all wish her well in her retirement.

Sun in Perth

March 13, 2009

Just arrived in Perth with some fellow young liberals, and the sun is out! Well, as out as the sun gets in Scotland at this time of year. Lots of exhibitions up, plenty of pens and a nice place round the corner for breakfast (and if I remember what its called Ill list it here!).

LYS quiz is tonight, should be great fun, and I look forward to an afternoon of Liberal fun. Further posts whenever I see something I feel motivated to mention.

For all those going to Perth tomorrow

March 12, 2009

Come to the Liberal Youth Scotland quiz social tomorrow night! If you’ll excuse me I’ll continue my shameless plug.


I’ve just finished the prep for tomorrow night, and I think the event will be a wonderful experience for all. We’ve got Hugh O’Donnell and Alistair Carmichael acting as co-quizmasters for the evening and Katy Gordon, the PPC for Glasgow North will be hosting our improv ridiculous debating contest.


Tickets will be available during the day and on the door, at a tenner a piece, and a buffet will be provided. There’ll be a silent auction for some wonderful goodies, with all proceeds going to LYS’s work in re-establishing itself, seeking new members for the party and attempting to represent our youth constituency.

As to the improv debating contest, which I have had questions about, we’ll have two hats on the door with slips of paper, one for nominating a person to enter and one to enter the most ridiculous topic you can think of to require said person to argue! The audience will be judging those who take part with their applause, and there will be a prize for the best speaker!

Come one, come all!

This is a blog entry. Also, Liberal Youth.

February 28, 2009

In my new blog. I’ll work out how I feel about having a blog and get back to you all (Hi me checking to see if anyones noticed! they haven’t! ). This blog is intended to serve as some sort of useful tool for writing about what I’m doing as a Lib Dem shuttling permanently between Glasgow and Newcastle.


Interesting to be observing the brouhaha amongst Liberal Youth of late over the current elections, a great many people are talking about the candidates, but mainly over their tactics. Ruaraidh (links to your right) has posted a set of ten questions after a discussion we held, and some of the answers we’re getting from those running for election are interesting. Some of them do seem a little bit strained not to offend or cast any possible bad light.

I’ll finish here by saying that in my experience its very hard to offend anyone in the Lib Dems, never mind in Liberal Youth (at least from my Scottish perspective) and I’d much rather vote for someone who is willing to give honest answers to honest questions, even where I disagree, rather than for someone who oohs and aahs and splits hairs.